Natasha Deen’s most anticipated book!

Lark & the Diamond Caper is on the 49th Shelf’s Most Anticipated Books for Fall, and Kirkus reviews said, "Deen's heroine reflects an underrepresented reader group and is as successful as any other lead character in early chapter books…Lark's sparkly presence on the chapter-book shelves will be welcomed by many.”

Email us to book Natasha:

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[booking Natasha Deen]

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Robin Stevenson’s Pride shortlisted for Information Book Award!

Robin's Stevenson's non-fiction book, Pride: Celebrating Diversity and Community, is a finalist for the 2017 Children’s Literature Roundtables of Canada’s
Information Book Award! Robin will be in Toronto Jan. 28- Feb 4, and would
love to visit your school or library.

Click on the the link above for more information and to access Robin's contact form.

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Malaika’s Winter Carnival is now available!

Winter is finally here!

Malaika is back too.  The first time we heard from our young heroine in Malaika's Costume, it was the first Carnival time since Mummy went to work in Canada.  Her grandmother and she had to figure out how she might be a part of the Kiddie Carnival parade.  Now, Malaika joins us in Malaika's Winter Carnival with a new family and a new setting.  Will Malaika be able to do Carnival? You can now get your copy of Malaika's Winter Carnival online and in stores today (September 1st), written by Nadia L. Hohn, illustrated by Irene Luxbacher, and published by Groundwood Books.
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What’s new with Authors’ Booking Service?

Dear friends,

Consider saving this newsletter for future reference. With our new mailing schedule you won't be getting another one until October.

Over the summer, we've made some big changes.

Revamped Website

Explore our revamped website. There's an alphabetical snippet view of all our authors here. We have a Youtube video library with book trailers, author interviews and more. We've got a dedicated index tab for French presenters, illustrators and more, plus a full-site google search bar.

New Map Feature! 

Our map has always shown  to indicate approximately where our presenters live. Click on the + sign at the right side of the map to get a detailed view of a particular area.This is a great tool for estimating travel costs and also discovering local authors.

Now you'll also see green V's to indicate out of GTA bookings. Hover your mouse over a green V and you'll see when you may be able to save on travel costs or share a day by booking an author while they're already in your area!

The most stringent selection process in Canada 

Here's more information about that. This means you can book one of our presenters with confidence.
Our members can promote literacy and a love of reading as well as support curriculum objectives.Over the summer, we've added one more condition of membership: Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) . Every single member on our website as of Sept 1 has an up-to-date VSS.

Request for Collaboration

Our mission is to provide you with a reliable way of booking qualified and engaging presenters for the student audience. We ask that you help us do our job in the following ways:

1. Collaborate with us. Please book our authors through the email contact forms at the bottom of each presenter page. Our members pay us a small fee per booking (you pay us nothing) but if you use our service and then book directly, we receive nothing for the effort and expense we've put into providing it. We rely on the honour system.

2. Collaborate with your colleagues. If you are booking one of our presenters, ask nearby colleagues if they'd like to share the day or the tour with you. There are significant cost savings for you when you work together. As an example, an author may charge $600 plus travel for a half day (two sessions), but $1000 for a full day. If you and a colleague book together, you each save $100 and half the travel costs. As well, we can advise you on subsidies, reducing the cost even more. When you share our information, everyone wins.

3. Collaborate with your association or school board. Did you know that we host regional ABS-School Library meet and greets at no charge? You provide the venue, the audience and coffee (maybe some chocolate too??) and we'll bring the authors and the books. Here's a write up of one such event from last year. We would LOVE to do a similar event with YOU!

Our Partnerships

ABS is the booking agent for The Forest of Reading®. We are also partnered with the TDSB (under Amdox Co Ltd/Authors' Booking Service).

Is YOUR Board or organization Interested in working with ABS as a partner too? Let's talk.

News feed updated regularly!

Bookmark our website and check it often. Our news feed, Coming to the GTA and Deals are all index tabs on the main page and they're updated several times a week.

Browse our menu or use our search bar to find just the right presenter. If you need suggestions or assistance, please ask us. We love to help - email us at
Best wishes,

Valerie Sherrard & Marsha Skrypuch

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Our Great Prime Ministers – Celebrate Canada with Helaine Becker!

DK Publishing celebrates this month’s publication of Our Great Prime Ministers with a school book tour by award-winning Canadian author Helaine Becker.

Helaine is now accepting bookings for October and November. Our Great Prime Ministers is suitable for children ages 10 and up and explains Canada's system of government and the people who have led it using profiles of 12 of Canada's best-known Prime Ministers.

Click on the link above for more information about Helaine, and to access her contact form for bookings.


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Mireille Messier’s Moroccan Mystery – in English and French!

Mireille Messier is pleased to announce the release of Fatima and the Clementine Thieves, the story of a young girl's struggle to help save her family's clementine orchard from mysterious thieves. Based in Morocco, this fable of collaboration and non-violence was inspired by an African proverb and is now available both in French and in English.

For details about Mireille’s presentation of this and other stories, and to book her, click her name above. Subsidies for fall and spring bookings are now available!

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A Wee bit of Gossip about Hélène Boudreau!

Thanks to TL Colleen McCarthy for sending us feedback on a two school event with Hélène Boudreau!

Selecting a Friday in June to have children sit and listen to an author talk was not very insightful on my part. I was also a little worried that an author presenting about a single book might not be entertaining. What happened with two negatives?? A positive charge!!

Hélène was excellent!! She pumped them up when they were too quiet, and reeled them in when they got a little too loud. Hélène brought along appropriate props and used them to include the children in the story and entertain them with her demonstrations.

I had many teachers at both schools comment to me afterwards about how excellent her presentation was... on a Friday afternoon in June.

To book Hélène for your school, click on her name above and use the contact form. And remember, you can now apply for a subsidy for the Sept. 2017 - March 2018 period. Just ask us for details.

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Robert Priest in support of Shannen’s Dream

Subsidies from The Writers’ Union of Canada are now available for Writers in the Schools bookings beginning this September. Poet, songwriter and novelist Robert Priest will donate $50.00 from his fee to the “Shannen's Dream Campaign” for the first 2 schools to book him through this program. Help support equal education for all.

Click on Robert's name above to access his contact form.

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David Poulsen October Opportunity

Award winning Alberta author, David A. Poulsen, will be in the GTA during the second week of October and still has openings for Tuesday, October 10th, morning and afternoon. David has books for all ages/grades and the high energy, often hilarious presentation that follows his journey to becoming a writer is suitable for all--although his most recent books target junior and senior high readers.

This author's schedule fills FAST, so don't delay. Click on the name above to access David's full page and contact form.

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Look who’s visiting in the new school year!

Gail Sidonie Sobat will be in the GTA around the end of September and is accepting bookings at this time.



David Poulsen of Alberta is available in Toronto on Tuesday October 10.



Lorna Schultz Nicholson is booking Toronto area visits Oct 23 - 27.



Arthur Slade will be in the GTA in mid November and is booking school and library visits for the week of the 13th.



Marty Chan of Alberta will be in Niagara and the GTA in May 2018. Book now to avoid disappointment.



Sharon McKay is available in Burlington and surrounding areas from January to April 2018.



Robin Stevenson (BC) will visit the Toronto and Hamilton areas early in 2018.



Valerie Sherrard will visit the GTA in the spring of 2018. Contact to reserve a visit today.




Karen Bass of Alberta is now living in Hamilton Ontario! She'd love to visit your school or library!




Lindsey Carmichael will be moving to the Trenton area this fall, making her widely available for Ontario bookings.



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Lisa Dalrymple was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Aleksandra Fransciso of Barrie ON writes:

We had Lisa Darymple come to the school today. She was FANTASTIC!!! So upbeat and vibrant. Many of the teachers have already come up to me commenting on what a great presenter she was and the students are so excited to purchase her books and continue on reading her latest novel. Thank you for your help!!

An addendum: this was a last minute booking! We facilitated Aleksandra's booking with Lisa the day before! Our authors ROCK! Thank you, Lisa for coming through in such a big way! Thank you, Aleksandra for the compliments!

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Patricia Storms has illustrated a new book! (subsidy eligible)

Oscar is penning the ultimate break—up letter to his former Partner in Adventure and now Sworn Mortal Enemy. No more Time Travel Tower of Ultimate Power. Or Precarious Portal for Intrepid Explorers. Is their friendship doomed to destruction along with the world of imagination that the two have built together?

Set in an inner—city apartment complex and filled with humour, By the Time You Read This is a story that acknowledges the emotional rollercoaster that defines some childhood friendships and the importance of empathy and forgiveness in keeping those friendships strong.

Book Patricia now!



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Adrienne Kress has a fabulous new book out TODAY!

by Adrienne Kress -- (Middle Grade - Random House)- out April 25th!

"The Explorers is a rollicking and clever adventure!" - Arthur Slade, author of The Hunchback Assignments

This story begins with a pig in a teeny hat. After that a risk-averse boy stumbles upon a very mysterious Explorers Society which sets in motion a tale of danger and adventure; there are missing persons, hired thugs, a hidden box, a lost map, famous explorers, and a girl on a rescue mission. The Explorers: The Door in the Alley is the first book in a series that is sure to hit young readers, especially reluctant ones, right in the funny bone.

"In this wildly funny adventure...animals in teeny hats, Wonderland-style logic, and loads of wordplay and sarcasm will keep readers giggling all the way through." — Kirkus Reviews

To book Adrienne for a visit, follow the link on her name.

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