Don Cummer (Ottawa)

Doncrop1aOttawa. Writers’ Union Member. War of 1812 novels, Bilson nominee, grades 5 to 9.

His rate is $200 for one session, $350 for two, and $450 for three (plus HST). No travel charges within the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Travel outside Ottawa must be coordinated with Don’s schedule in advance, and transportation/accommodation fees may apply.


Don’s “Jake and Eli” series tells the story of two boys growing up in the Niagara peninsula during the War of 1812. Jake is the son of a United Empire Loyalist; Eli, part of a family that has recently moved to Niagara from the United States. They swear an oath of allegiance to each other as blood brothers. Then comes the war.

Don’s readings and workshops contain strong elements of both social studies (history) and language arts (elements of story-telling.) He uses PowerPoint to provide historical background and also show a video of how his books got him “arrested” in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The kids love it!

Don is an energetic presenter who can handle groups of various sizes.

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