Gillian Chan (Dundas)


Dundas, ON. Writers’ Union Member. Award winning writer noted for historical, fantasy, and contemporary novels

Gillian’s rate is $375 plus HST for one session, $575 for two, $825 for three and $1000 for four, plus travel from Dundas.

Award winning author Gillian Chan writes in many genres. Her most recent books have been for Scholastic Canada’s series Dear Canada and I Am Canada. Gillian is an experienced speaker, having presented to small groups as well as at large events like the Vancouver International Writers’ Festival. A former teacher, she can easily adapt  her presentations for your particular needs.

Gillian is very comfortable making school visits and is an enthusiastic and lively speaker, welcoming questions and also providing the opportunity for audience participation.


Here are some topics on which  she makes presentations:

- How does an idea turn into a story -discussion about both writing and publishing

- Creating believable characters – this works very well in workshop format with smaller groups

- Writing and researching historical fiction

Gillian’s novels The Carved Box and I am Canada: A Call to Arms both focus on pioneer life and Gillian brings costumes and replica artifacts for presentations

Three of Gillian’s books deal with war and its effects: I am Canada: A Call to Arms (the War of 1812), A Foreign Field and I am Canada: Defend or Die (both set in WWII). She is very adept at talking about how war affects young people and these talks are particularly poignant near Rembrance Day.

Dear Canada: An Ocean Apart deals with the history of Chinese Canadians in the early part of the 20th Century and in her presentation Gillian bring to life the many obstacles facing immigrants in the face of prejudice, both personal and institutional.

What exactly does a writer do all day? This deals with writing techniques such as drafting, editing and research.

Group sizes for presentations:

Maximum 100

Writing Workshops work best with no more than 15 participants

Workshop topics: creating believable characters; world building; editing; poetic forms.

All Venues, library preferred.

Equipment required: A glass of water. A table to spread her things out on. A microphone for larger groups or  if the presentation is in a gym, auditorium, or if the room acoustics are questionable. A screen and projector for powerpoint.


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