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Member resources index

New member info

1. New member page instructions
2. Member page update instructions
3. FAQ on invoicing
4. Information about our invoices to you
5. When you get a contact form email request
6. Booking Procedures
7. How can I get more bookings?
8. abs-one-sheet-template

TDSB set-up info

1. Info on getting a police check done for TDSB (Toronto residents)
2. Info on getting a police check done for TDSB if you don't live in Toronto.
3. Annual Contractor OD 2017   (2017-2018 TDSB offence declaration)
4. 170125 ETR FormAmdox (so the TDSB can pay you with direct deposit)
The top portion of this form is filled out for you. Add in your own HST or put in N/A if you don't have one. In the partnership contact section, use your personal  information.  Email to:


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