Nikki Tate (Victoria BC)

Writers' Union Member. Silver Birch Non-fiction. Nikki Tate is an award-winning author of more than 30 books for children and teens ranging from picture books to teen fiction. Nikki loves writing non-fiction for all ages.  Single presentation: $300.00, 2/$550.00, 3/$750.00 +HST - no maximum group size but a maximum 3-grade spread in a single session. Workshops: $250/60 minutes, max 24 student.

Nikki Tate was born in England, but spent her childhood roaming the globe. Nikki has always enjoyed both writing and telling stories, as well as camping, kayaking, climbing and horseback riding. Nikki splits her time between Vancouver Island and Canmore in the Rocky Mountains and loves to travel, particularly if she can find some rock or ice to climb or an ocean to sail.

Nikki is a dynamic presenter who is equally comfortable speaking to primary students, middle grades, teenagers, or adults. Standard presentations include: The Magic of Non-fiction; How a Book is Made; and When Fact Works as Fiction. Each is 45-60 minutes with some time at the end for questions and discussion. Where Stories Come From is a shorter presentation (30 minutes) suitable for K-2. Though there is no maximum group size, the maximum grade spread is three (e.g. one session may include classes in grade 3, 4 and 5 or 7, 8, and 9). For small groups, a table (for books and props), glass of water, and projector are needed (Nikki travels with her own laptop as well as copies of her presentations on a thumb drive). For larger groups or where acoustics are poor, she will also need a microphone.

Nikki’s writing workshops range from 60 minutes to half-, full-day and multi-session programs. Maximum group size for workshops is 24 students. Minimum age: students should be proficient in producing written work (or, scribes should be available). A white board or flip chart, projector, and table are needed for workshops. Students need pen and paper (or appropriate electronic device) with which to produce written work.


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