Eve Silver (Niagara)


St Catharines ON. Writers’ Union Member. YA Fiction. Adult Fiction. White Pine winner. Multi awards. Grade 7 & up.

Eve’s rate is $300 plus HST for one session, $550 for two, $800 for three and $1000 for four, plus travel from St Catharines.

Eve Silver is the author of three novels for teens and sixteen novels/novellas for adults. Her work has been translated into over fifteen languages. She regularly teaches at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies and also mentors emerging writers in young adult and adult fiction. She has travelled throughout North America conducting book talks, presentations and writing workshops since 2006, and she loves meeting readers and writers everywhere she goes.

Presentation and Workshop Options (other topics available—please enquire):

Informal Reading and Q&A:
The presentation opens with a brief overview of Eve’s background and how she came to write. She focuses on the process of writing her teen series. She offers a brief reading followed by a discussion of concepts related to the reading. Questions and discussion are encouraged, but Eve recognizes that teens are often reticent to begin a dialogue and she comes armed with a variety of questions to pose to the audience in order to stimulate interaction. The presentation is meant to inspire, spur dialogue, foster an interest in reading, and promote literacy.

Book Talk:
For this presentation, participants should have read one or more of Eve’s books ahead of time. Eve discusses her path to publication, how her work has evolved, the influence of Manga and Anime, connections between video games and The Game series (Rush, Push, Crash), and the themes that evolve in the books (teamwork, friendship, coming of age, grief, loss, anxiety, depression). She delves into the specifics of characters’ goals, motivations and conflicts and encourages participants to ask questions and share their thoughts and experiences.

Writing Workshops:
Eve delivers writing workshops for teens and adults tailored to the needs of the audience. The goal of the workshops is to inspire, energize, and stimulate the imaginations of attendees. Workshops include exercises that focus on creating vivid characters, developing believable worlds, writing sparkling dialogue, and marrying plot and pace to create a page-turner. Examples of recent workshop topics include:
What In The World?—An Interactive Worldbuilding Workshop
Scents and Sensibility—Enrich your work by incorporating the five senses
So You Think You Can Pants—Tips and techniques for keeping the plot moving whether you work from an outline or write by the seat of your pants
The Long and Winding Road—Twists and traps on the road to publication, and how to overcome them

Eve is also available for adult writer professional development workshops.

Eve will gladly present a Reading and Q&A to groups of less than 20 or more than 300. She requires a microphone for large venues (auditoriums, gymnasiums). She requests that a librarian, teacher, or other school representative be present throughout the presentation.
For Book Talk, attendance of approximately 20-30 students is ideal.
For writing workshops, attendance must be limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

Email us to book Eve Silver:

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[booking Eve Silver]

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Gary Rasberry (Kingston)



Kingston. Philosopher. Poet. Imagination Consultant. Musician. Artist. Educator.  Juno-nominated children’s artist.  Award-winning classroom creativity workshop facilitator.


Workshop rates: $250 for one, $450 for two, $650 for three,$850 for four.  Concert rates: Same as above for divisional concerts (JK, Primary, Junior, Intermediate).

Full school performance: $550. Combo day: three workshops plus full school performance: $1000, plus travel.

Gary Rasberry. Philosopher. Poet. Imagination Consultant. Musician. Artist. Educator. Ph.D. in Education, Over 20 years experience as an artist and  educator, Gary has held artist-in-residencies internationally (California, Barcelona, Amsterdam), nationally (British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario) and locally (his hometown Kingston, Ontario). JUNO-nominated children’s artist offers Song, Story & Sound Workshops and Concert Performances in schools everywhere.


What’s the Big Idea at your school? Gary Rasberry helps students discover and explore ideas both Big & Small through the Art of Song & Story & Sound.  Explore curricular elements of music, digital recording technology, drama and literacy-based learning in hands-on workshops or enjoy a highly participative musical concert.


Concert Performances, featuring Juno-nominated music, offered as an entire school concert, as divisional concerts or for one particular grade level (e.g. several Grade 4 classes combined)


Workshop I   Right Off the Page! Creating Audio Books

Ever wonder what Dr. Seuss might do with an iPad and some recording gear? Come Play, Improvise, Experiment & “Mess Around” with Song Story & Sound in a workshop where ‘Hi-tech’ multi-tracking software (Garage Band) meets ‘No-tech’ read-aloud books. In a workshop Alive with Literacy we’ll pull stories Right Off the Page to bring our creations to life and record them as audio-books.

Suitable for Grade 4-8

Group Size:  20-30 (An entire classroom of students OR with a group of students selected from different classes.)

Workshop II  Songwriting

Explore the art of songwriting through hands-on experience in a workshop setting. Develop and hone your ability to work with ideas, lyrics, melody & groove. Create & Record a Demo of your song.  Choose to focus songwriting on curricular areas and topics of the teacher’s choosing. (Math Songs: e.g. Even Odd Numbers, Skip Counting, Common Fractions; Social Studies: Early Civilizations)

Suitable for Grades 6-8

Group Size:  15-20.  Best suited for students who ‘self-select’ and have a desire to experiment with songwriting (rather than an entire classroom group).

Workshop III   Creating Across the Curriculum Using Audio Soundscapes

Create soundscapes—multi-tracked sound collages—that include songs, stories & sound-bites using recording software (Garage Band) and high-quality recording equipment. The soundscape can be curriculum/subject area-based.

Suitable for Grades 1-8

Group Size: Choose a select groups of students (15-20) who would like to work in a particular subject area or topic OR a classroom of students (30) already exploring a curricular topic. (e.g. First Nation Peoples, Canadian landforms)

Workshop IV   Participatory Sing Song Session

This highly participatory session weaves story and song through active, invitational and playful singing.

Suitable for JK/SK

The session is shorter to match the attention span of younger children. (20-30 minutes). Enables you to book 2-3 KG groups in an hour.

Set-up requirements

Workshops can take place in the classroom, resource centre/library or other common area. Data projector and audio speakers required. (Smart board a bonus.) Concerts:  gym or resource centre/library.

Email us to book Gary Rasberry:


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[booking Gary Rasberry]

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Protected: updates

Members are given the opportunity each summer to update their member pages. Here's how to do it:

Please review your ABS page to ensure that the information is up to date. If no changes are necessary, let us know.

If you are updating a particular paragraph, simply copy that paragraph into an email, edit it, and send us the updated paragraph and we`ll swap them out.

Your page can hold up to 7 jpgs: one author photo plus up to 6 other images. Book covers are preferred but you can also send in one of you in action. Please strive to have all of your photos of a similar size so that when they`re in the gallery, they look good together. We had tried to make them uniform by using thumbnails, but that often cuts a portion of the picture off, so we now set the gallery to medium, so jpgs over 100kB work best.

You can have fewer than 6 in a gallery if you wish. For example, if you`ve got two recent books, those covers plus one action photo makes a fabulous gallery.

Naming your jpgs. The file name should be your name plus a portion of the book name. For example:


If it`s not a book, name it something so we can find it quickly in our database, like this:


You also have the option of having one video clip on your page instead of the image gallery. Simply give us your youtube link. A caution: remember that this is the only showcase on your page so craft it wisely.

Take a look at the word cloud in the grey background area at the bottom of your page. You`ll see the date your page was made, the the name of the person who first created it (Marsha or Valerie) and then a listing of the categories, followed by a listing of your tags.

Below is the list of categories. Please ensure that all the ones that apply to you have been listed on your page. Let us know if any are missing:

Intermediate presenters
Middle grade presenters
Presents to adults
Presents to all ages
Primary presenters
Secondary presenters
Writers` Union Members
Virtual Visits
VSPC (ie, Vulnerable Sector Police Check tabled with TDSB)


Please ensure that this information is up to date as it is the most critical information on your page. These words in this word cloud get picked up by google and bing etc and are also searchable on our site`s search bar. Brainstorm please, and give us a comprehensive list of word tags. Each word must be separated with a comma. For example:

gifted, literacy, sexuality,

Don`t worry about duplicates. They`re automatically filtered out when we paste them in.

That`s it!

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Aubrey Davis (Toronto)


Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Fiction picture book storyteller multi-awards all ages.

Aubrey’s rate is $375 for one session, $600 for two, $850 for 3 and $1,000 for four plus HST plus travel from Toronto.

For over 35 years, Aubrey has presented to people of all ages across North America. He loves to tell and rewrite traditional tales that make people think. Bottomless and often very funny, these ancient stories have endured because they’ve helped us understand our selves and our world. They still call to what’s best within us all. Perhaps this why his books have received so many glowing reviews and awards.

"Aubrey Davis defies superlatives. His repertoire is amazing and his ability to hold the audience’s attention is legendary. He can tell stories to preschoolers and elementary school students as well as their parents….He is very creative and chooses his stories to match the audience in front of him. The adults (teachers, parents, older students) were as mesmerized as were the children."   Penny Fransblow, Head: Norman Berman Children’s Library, Montreal, April 2012

Presentations: Aubrey tells stories from his books together with other traditional tales to people of all ages. He adapts his programs to suit the listener. With younger children, he tells simple, enticing participatory tales together with lively poems, chants and language games. For older audiences he tells more thought provoking stories, often laced with humour. With Jewish audiences he tells the tales unique to Jewish culture and those they share with other peoples.

Workshops: Humans are storytelling creatures. At all times and places people have told stories to communicate, understand and learn. It’s our nature to do so. Aubrey’s workshops build on innate, often unrecognized abilities to teach participants how to tell, write or learn through oral narrative. He adapts his workshops to suit the audience.

No limit on audience size, but I may have to adjust fees for groups over 75. I’ll need a small display table or stand, armless chair or stool and water. With large audiences I’ll need a microphone: headset, lapel or on a stand. Not handheld.

Aubrey is also available for virtual visits. Contact him to discuss details.

Email to contact Aubrey Davis:

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[booking Aubrey Davis]

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Andrew Larsen (Toronto)

andrewlarsen2Toronto ON. Picture book author, Blue Spruce nominated, award winning, inspiring

Andrew’s rate is $275 for a single session or $500 for an entire morning (multiple sessions). He charges for travel if location is outside of Toronto.

Andrew is convinced that visiting with young readers is the best part of being a children’s author. Andrew is also convinced that we all have stories to tell and our own way of telling them. His presentations inspire students to believe they have what it takes to be an author and to share their stories.

Presentation Details

Grades JK – 3: (approximately 40 minutes) We’re all storytellers. We’re born that way. We tell stories when we play, pretend, and dream.

Andrew encourages students to recognize that they are surrounded by ideas just waiting to be nurtured/written into stories. He talks about how ideas grow into stories and, in turn, stories grow into books.

Using show and tell, an unforgettable magic trick, and an engaging style, Andrew inspires the belief that we can all be authors. He demonstrates how a single piece of paper can be turned into a book, ready to be filled with words or pictures. He reads one of his own books and, finally, he welcomes questions.

Andrew leaves students wanting to make their own books and share their own stories.

Grades 4, 5 and 6: (approximately 50 minutes) Building on his conviction that we all have stories to tell, Andrew talks about the value of a writer’s journal. Ideas are everywhere and keeping a journal reminds us that we are all writers! A journal is like a writer’s playground. Andrew talks about how the seed of an idea, jotted in a journal, can grow into a published book. He shows an example from one of his own journals. He reads one of his books and welcomes questions.

Family Literacy Events: Andrew loves to engage families and to instill a sense of fun in the stories we share together. Some of the best stories begin at home with our families. Andrew talks about some of his own stories and how he continues to turn them into homemade books. He reads one of his books and then leads the entire group in a bookmaking activity. Andrew’s family literacy events are fun! Most all, they’re inspiring.

Andrew will present to grades JK - 6.

He will happily present to any number of students. He has presented to as few as 6 and as many as 250.

Andrew will present in a classroom, library, gym or under a tree.

He love to do presentations for Family Literacy Events (fun for the whole family!)

If it is a large group Andrew will require a laptop and projector.


To book Andrew, please email us:

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[booking Andrew Larsen]

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Edward Kay (Toronto)

ABSEdwardKayToronto. Writers’ Union Member. I Am Canada and screenwriter. Grades 4 to 8.

$300 for one session, $550 for two, $750 for three, and $900 for four (plus HST). No travel charges within the GTA.

In the course of his career in the creative arts, Edward has written for Rick Mercer, learned to swing on a flying trapeze, survived a death stall in a Cessna, a four-day dogsledding expedition in -37 temperatures, and an accidental booking into a biker party.

Presentation Details

I do a presentation and workshop entitled, “Where Do You Get Your Funny Ideas From?” which is based on answering the question I am asked most frequently by children about writing. As the title implies, the orientation is on comedy, though it is a useful workshop for learning how to use the imagination in any writing context. The presentation will involve the students directly, with specific exercises for them to find funny things to write about, create funny characters, learn how to play with language and ideas to create jokes with setups and punchlines, and how to create stories with comedic arcs.

I also do a history oriented presentation for Sink and Destroy, which was released by Scholastic to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the onset of WW2. I give a one-hour presentation including a reading of the book along with archival slides and video showing Canada during WW2 and the Battle of the Atlantic. I include a discussion of the veterans I interviewed to write this work of historical fiction and the difference between using “primary sources” – i.e., eyewitnesses and using other sources. The Q & A can cover anything of interest to students, but can be specifically geared to discussing the importance of this aspect of Canadian history, how the war affected kids their age. As a science writer, I am well equipped to discuss the amazing role played by science in winning the conflict – including some fascinating interactive exercises in writing and breaking codes. The nature of war itself can be discussed, including the surprising acts of compassion shown by combatants on both sides as recounted by the veterans in this book, and astoundingly, even a real-life friendship that developed between former enemies as a result of direct contact during the sinking of a German submarine. For schools in the GTA and southern Ontario, it may also be possible through special arrangement to bring in a naval veteran to discuss his experiences with students. This presentation is suited to audiences from grades 5 through 8.

Age: Grade 4 to Grade 12

Maximum number of students per presentation: 100 (35 for humour writing workshops)

I am comfortable presenting in: classroom, library, auditorium.

Equipment and other requirements

For Sink and Destroy, I require a projector for Power Point presentations.

For the Where Do You Get Your Funny Ideas From? humour writing workshop, I need a blackboard and chalk, as well as a DVD player and television for showing some age-appropriate comedy writing in completed form.

I request that a librarian, teacher or other school representative be present throughout the presentation.

Edward was a comedy writer and producer on the hit political satire series, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, during its four most successful seasons. Since then, he has gone one to create three hit television series for kids, including Jimmy Two Shoes (Teletoon, Disney XD) and the comedy inflected science series, Finding Stuff Out (TVO) starring Harrison Houde from YTV’s hit comedy series, Some Assembly Required. He is the author of three YA novels and has been an author/reader at Toronto’s Word On The Street literary festival.  His newest novel, an adult crime series entitled Verraday, has just been optioned as a television series.

Virtual Visits: $150.00 +HST for one hour. Skype.


Email us to book Edward:

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[booking Edward Kay]

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Kathy Kacer (Toronto)


Toronto, ON. Writers’ Union Member. Historical fiction and non-fiction, multi-award winner, and experienced speaker.

Kathy’s rate in and around the GTA is $400 per session. HST and mileage charges are also applicable.

Kathy is an experienced presenter, comfortable in front of an audience of young people and adults alike. In the past fifteen years, she has spoken in over one thousand schools, libraries, colleges, and universities across Canada and in parts of the United States, the U.K., Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Slovakia. She also teaches writing to adults, children and teens, and conducts writing workshops.

Kathy’s one-hour reading revolves around a slide presentation and talk. She brings wonderful historical slides pertaining to each of her novels and she weaves her stories around the historical events of the Second World War and the Holocaust. She has a separate set of slides for each of her books. For example, for The Secret of Gabi’s Dresser, she has slides, of the real Gabi, the house in which she lived and hid, her village, the dresser, etc. For Hiding Edith, she has slides of the school in France where Edith was hidden, her family members, etc. The same is true of Shanghai Escape, the Whispers series, and all of her other books.

Kathy’s presentations are visual, interactive, and fast-paced. She loves speaking to kids. She loves their enthusiasm and their curiosity. Most of all, she loves making history come alive for young readers.

She prefers to speak to a maximum of 125 students at a time. She can be a bit flexible on this. Her presentations work best with students in grades 4-9.

Since her presentation is power point, she does require an LCD projector (provided by the school), or a smart board, a screen, and a microphone (if the audience size is over 50 kids). She can bring her own laptop, but please let her know if a laptop is available at the school in which case she can bring the slides on a USB flash drive.  She is comfortable speaking in a library or gym.

Kathy is also available for workshops for teachers and educators that focus on teaching sensitive material (i.e. war, genocide) to young people. She is able to provide valuable support material for educators who are working with sensitive topics in their classrooms and libraries. Her workshop topics include:

Teaching Sensitive Material to Young Readers
Historical Fiction and Creative Non-fiction: What’s the difference?
When They Are Gone, We Are Their Voice: True stories and how to write them.

Virtual Visits: $250 plus HST, 60 minutes, Skype/Google Talk

Email us to book Kathy:

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[booking Kathy Kacer]

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Sharon Jennings (Toronto)

sharonjenningswp1Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Fiction. All ages. Blue Spruce Winner. Governor General finalist. Multi-nominations and honours.

$375 for 1 session, $600 for 2, $850 for 3 and $1000 for 4, + HST and travel.

Sharon is an experienced and enthusiastic presenter who gears her visit to the needs and interests of each group. As the author of picture books, chapter books, middle grade novels, and novels for the reluctant reader, she appeals to a wide audience, and often does four author visits in the same school or area in a day. Sharon also delights in conducting writing workshops.

Sharon has a lively, fun, interactive presentation for children and adults of all ages, and claims her mission is to teach and entertain. She reads several of her books (or passages from many) and explains the ideas behind the stories, and demonstrates to her audience that they, too, can be writers with great stories to tell. She is a relaxed and flexible presenter, and creates immediate rapport with kids and teachers.

JK- Grade One: using the Jeremiah and Mrs. Ming trilogy, The Bye-Bye Pie, several Franklin titles (she is a ghost-writer of over 40 Franklin books), Sharon involves the children in dramatic recital of the actions and choral response.

Grade Two-Four: as a former language arts editor, Sharon is mindful of using the terminology that can be helpful to teachers – brainstorming, word-webs, drafts, revision – in order to strengthen student writing. Using many of her chapter books (Bats and Burglars) and reluctant readers (Bats on Break) as well as a few picture books (C’Mere Boy!), Sharon demonstrates the writer’s craft, and explains how text and illustration work together. She also displays the manuscript she wrote in grade 4!

Grades Five and Six: Sharon discusses the writing process at length and shares information about publishing. Using her novels Home Free and its sequel Connecting Dots, she explains how students can use events from their own lives to create stories, and leaves teachers with several ideas for writing projects.

Grade Seven and up: The focus is on the writer’s craft – plot, dialogue, character, description, the ‘elasticity’ of time – using material from all of her books. She provides insight into research and editing, and shares personal experiences (and some gossip).

Teachers: Sharon often conducts a lunch-time mini session for teachers longing to get published. Sharing her experience as a manuscript evaluator and Ryerson teacher, she highlights common dos and don’ts.

Maximum group size: about 50 students, (usually 2 classes combined) to facilitate lots of Q&A.

Library venue preferred.

Equipment: a table for book display; chalkboard or flip chart; microphone for venue with difficult acoustics (gym).


To book Sharon, please email us:

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[booking Sharon Jennings]

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Alma Fullerton (Midland)

alma3Alma’s rate is $300 plus HST for one session, $500 for two, $750 for three and $950 for four, plus travel from Midland.

Alma is an experienced speaker who can do presentations and workshops for children and adults. She who works with teachers and librarians and can easily tailor her presentation to the group in front of her. She writes and illustrates picture books through to young adult novels. Please email for more information about any presentation.


Picture book readings

Readings and presentations for K-grade 2.  Includes a reading, power-point/slideshow, song or craft (depending on the number of children)

How they Live - This interactive presentation consists of a series of photographs and activities for your children to see or experience the way children in other countries live.

Esteem building-Art workshop – This is an interactive workshop done with one or two classes where the students work together and with me to create a work of art using compliments to other students. The art is left for the classroom or library.

Poetry Art workshop - This is an interactive workshop done with one or two classes where the students work together and with me to create a work of art/concrete poem for the classroom or library.

Overcoming Obstacles: This is an interactive talk about my struggles with reading and school and about how you can overcome anything if you work hard enough.  Here I discuss my struggles with a learning disability.

The story behind the story - How my books came to be: Consists of a reading from one of my novels and then I tell the process of how books become books from idea to finished book. 45 minutes with a 15 minute question period.

An Author's Career: The ups and downs of being an author. What do authors do during the day? How much do we get paid? How do we deal with rejection and revision? 45 minutes with a 15 minute question period.

Workshops: I like to brainstorm with the teacher/teachers about where your children are in their abilities to make sure these are age and ability so your students get the most out of these.

Show Don't Tell: Through a series of guided writing exercises and group sharing, students learn how to enhance their own natural writing talents and improve their creative work by using revealing detail (1 hour with one or two classes at a time).

Breathing Life into your Characters: An hour-long workshop on character development and how to make your characters real. With tips and character sketch worksheets.

Letting the Dominoes fall: An hour-long workshop on setting up stories so they run smoothly beginning to end.

Creating a Picture book (Illustration): I have a powerpoint on the steps to create a picture book. From start to finish.

Tolerance is not enough: Developing Acceptance with the use of literature - a workshop for teachers and parents about how to use literature to help teach acceptance in the classroom.


To book Alma Fullerton, please email us:

Your Name (required)

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[booking Alma Fullerton]

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L. M. Falcone (Toronto)

LMFalconewp1Toronto, ON. Writers’ Union Member. Former children’s television writer, author of middle-grade spooky fiction and detective mysteries for Grades 1 – 4. Silver Birch winner. Multiple awards. Ages 7 – 12.

1 session $300, 2 sessions $500 3 sessions $700, plus travel.

LM Falcone wrote for children’s television shows such as The Littlest Hobo and Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? This lead into award-winning, scare-your-pants-off middle-grade novels. Her books include The Mysterious Mummer, Walking with the Dead, and The Midnight Curse. LM is currently writing a new kid-detective chapter book series, The Ghost and Max Monroe.


Grab your magnifying glass and jump in!

Presentation Details

SPOOK-A-LICIOUS! (For Middle-Grades)
Four hot spooky books and a hit television series all get discussed and dissected in this fast-moving, interactive presentation. As a former television writer and now an author, I use videos, novels and comics to cover the many types of writing. Also in the presentation: Creating Juicy Problems/Fun Characters/Handy Tips/Research/ Brainstorming/Editing and Publishing. I read from my novels and talk about the importance of inspiration and imagination. My presentation runs one hour.

WHODUNIT? (For Grades 2 – 4)
Mysteries appeal to kids of every age. They love to solve puzzles, and nothing is more satisfying than the feeling they get when pieces finally start to fit and a picture begins to form. In my lively Whodunit? presentation I focus on my comedic, kid detective series The Ghost and Max Monroe.

Students will be introduced to the mystery genre. Topics explored are:

Vocabulary (sleuth – alibi – motive etc)
Characters (detective – sidekick – suspects)
Elements of Writing a Mystery (crime – victim – clues etc.)

Interactive portion: Students will get to flex their memory skills and also solve a mini-mystery.

Maximum audience size: 3 classes (approximately 90 to 100 students)
I am comfortable in a classroom, library, auditorium or gym
Presentation requirements: Chalkboard or chart paper. A table to display my materials. TV & DVD or VCR for Spook-a-Licious presentation.

To book LM Falcone, please email us:

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

[booking LM Falcone]

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Cary Fagan (Toronto)

Cary Fagan Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Award-winning author of novels and picture books who delights audiences with stories, inspiration, and music.

$350 plus HST for 1 session, $600 for 2 sessions, $850 for 3 sessions, $1,000 for 4 sessions. Plus travel.

Cary Fagan has been awarded the Vicki Metalf Award for Children’s Literature, the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award, the IODE Jean Throop Award, and the Mr. Christie Silver Medal. He has been nominated for the Silver Birch and Blue Spruce Awards many times.

Among his most popular novels are The Boy in the Box and its sequel The Show to End All Shows, the Kaspar Snit trilogy, Danny Who Fell in a Hole, and The Banjo of Destiny. His picture book Mr. Zinger’s Hat has been chosen for the 2015 TD Grade One Book Giveaway. His other picture books include I Wish I Could Draw, Thing-Thing, and Big Book of Brothers. Cary is also a much-acclaimed writer for adults who has been nominated for the Giller Prize.

Cary loves visiting schools and is well known for his natural rapportwith kids. He encourages questions and interaction throughout his sessions. Wanting to encourage kids to find their own stories, he reveals his writing “secrets” and the origins of his own work. He reads carefully selected passages and stories that will inspire and open the imagination.

In sessions with younger kids (usually up to grade 3) he will often bring a musical instrument (sometimes home-made) so everyone can join their voices in a musical version of his story. He will sometimes bring a homemade instrument for the older kids.

Cary can also hold writing workshops of one hour in length.

Presentation information

Group sizes: Grades k-3 up to 45. For other grades, preferably up to 100 although larger groups are acceptable.

Requirements: A microphone for large groups or where the acoustics are difficult. The library is the preferred venue. Sessions in the gym (only if no other venue is possible) require a microphone.

To book Cary, please email us

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

[booking Cary Fagan]

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Willow Dawson (Toronto)

Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Author / illustrator of Graphic Novels, Picture Books. Multi Awards. All ages.

550 for two sessions, $750 for three, and $900 for four plus HST and travel outside of the downtown Toronto core. Willow requests a minimum of two sessions, can be shared between two schools or libraries.

Willow Dawson has lots of experience giving presentations and workshops to kids and adults of all ages. Infact, she often presents to several different grades at the same school or library in a single day. She loves speaking about her books and more generally about comics and graphic novels, writing techniques and the illustration process. Each presentation is tailored to the needs of the group and is lively and educational with questions encouraged throughout!

Presentations by grade:

Willow likes to work with a general framework for her presentations informed by the teachers or librarians but which is open enough to accommodate the needs of the audience in the moment. She likes to let people ask questions throughout so that she is able to gauge interest areas and adjust as necessary. When she can, Willow tries to work in how she overcame the reading and writing difficulties she faced as a child only to become both an author and illustrator today! Teachers and librarians love her because her presentations are lively, informative and inspiring.

Here is an example of her themes by grade:

JK to grade 2 – two 30 minute storytelling sessions for the price of one full session ($375+HST) using The Wolf-Birds.

Grades 2 to 3 – 60 minutes: Storytelling session plus Q&A on The Wolf-Birds.

Grades 4 to 7 – 60 minutes. Presentations include an overview of the book of choice with a bit of historical background and information on how she creates a graphic novel, including: research, writing, illustrating, editing and revising.

Avis Dolphin: World War I, the sinking of the Lusitania, life in the 1910’s, friendship, the power of storytelling, survival. Collaborating with an author.

Hyena in Petticoats: Nellie McClung, The Famous Five, early Canada, feminism, women’s rights, suffrage, enfranchisement, The Persons Case. Life in the 1920’s – 1940’s.

No Girls Allowed: Hatshepsut, Mu Lan, Alfhild, Esther Brandeau, James Barry, Ellen Craft, Sarah Rosetta Wakeman, girls dressed as boys, women’s rights. Collaborating with an author.

Grades 7 to 12 – 60 minutes. Biography, autobiography and memoir. Willow uses the above books as well as her ongoing work on 100 Mile House (memoir) to discuss the differences and similarities, challenges and joys of writing biography, autobiography and memoir graphic novels. This presentation includes personal stories and anecdotes, including how she found her voice and became an author and illustrator.

Maximum group sizes for presentations: 45 for JK to Grade 3. 100+ for everyone else.
Workshops work best with smaller groups, around 15-20 participants.

Graphic Novel Workshop Topics:

Character Development
Creating Tension and Drama, Creating Humour
Panel Transitions
Words and Pictures
Writing Engaging Dialogue
From Script to Thumbnails
Art Stages: Penciling, Inking, Colouring (includes an overview of design and lettering)
Other topics upon request

These workshops can be adjusted to suit the needs of any age group. They also work well for Writers’ Craft classes.

Writer-in-Residence Program:

3-10 (or more) sessions. 60-120 minutes each. Participants get in-depth, hands on experience with each stage of the process of creating a comic or graphic novel, as well as a window into the worlds of self-publishing (‘zines and webcomics) and publishing (working with Editors, Art directors, and Publishers). Each stage of the process is handled in a separate session with an end goal of developing their stories into finished 1-3 page comics that are then photocopied and bound together as a small, collective comics ‘zine.

All Venues are acceptable.

Equipment required: A glass of water, a table for her presentation materials. A microphone for larger groups. A laptop, screen and projector for PowerPoint.

Willow sends her PowerPoint ahead of time. Please ensure it is set up and ready to go prior to her arrival.

Handouts will be sent for the teacher and/or librarian to photocopy in advance, along with a list of any materials the students may need if there is a workshop. Workshops require desks or tables and chairs for participants.

A librarian, teacher or other school representative should be present throughout the presentation or workshop.


To book Willow, please email us:

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[booking Willow Dawson]

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Don Cummer (Ottawa)

Doncrop1aOttawa. Writers’ Union Member. War of 1812 novels, Bilson nominee, grades 5 to 9.

His rate is $200 for one session, $350 for two, and $450 for three (plus HST). No travel charges within the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Travel outside Ottawa must be coordinated with Don’s schedule in advance, and transportation/accommodation fees may apply.


Don’s “Jake and Eli” series tells the story of two boys growing up in the Niagara peninsula during the War of 1812. Jake is the son of a United Empire Loyalist; Eli, part of a family that has recently moved to Niagara from the United States. They swear an oath of allegiance to each other as blood brothers. Then comes the war.

Don’s readings and workshops contain strong elements of both social studies (history) and language arts (elements of story-telling.) He uses PowerPoint to provide historical background and also show a video of how his books got him “arrested” in Niagara-on-the-Lake. The kids love it!

Don is an energetic presenter who can handle groups of various sizes.

To book Don Cummer, please email us:

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[booking Cummer]

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Lena Coakley (Toronto)

Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Award-winning author of YA fantasy and historical fiction.

$225 plus HST for one session, $400 for two, $600 for three and $750 for four held at the same location on one day. $100 for one-hour Skype. No travel charge for GTA. Transportation/accommodation fees apply for presentations outside the Toronto area.

Lena is an enthusiastic presenter who gears her visit to the needs and interests of each group.

Her YA fantasy novel Witchlanders was called “one stunning teen debut” by Kirkus Reviews. It was a White Pine Award Honouree, a MYRCA nominee and won the 2012 Crystal Kite Award for the Americas.  Her short stories “Mouse” and “Mirror Image” are required reading for many grade-eleven Ontario students.

Worlds of Ink and Shadow, Lena’s historical fantasy novel about the young Bronte sisters, comes out January 5th, 2016.


Lena is happy to work with teachers and librarians to develop a need-specific presentation, but her are two examples:

Writing and Researching Historical Fiction

Lena talks about writing and researching her historical fantasy about the famous Brontë sisters. What were these authors really like, and how did they come to write some of the most beloved books of all time? How did Lena fictionalize these characters while staying true to their real lives? And how can a historical novel also be a fantasy?

This presentation is appropriate for a general audience, but Lena is happy to tailor it to classes studying particular works of the Brontës such as Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

A two-time, second-prize winner of the Toronto Star’s Short Story Contest, Lena provides engaging activities that spark brainstorming and help students hone their work from idea to finished story. Students will come away feeling empowered to write and excited about their brand-new skills and ideas.

Grades 8-12

Audience limit 60 (25 for workshops)

Lena is also available for workshops for teachers and educators that focus on teaching creative writing to teens.

Lena Requires:

    • Depending on the presentation, a digital projector, screen and extension cord may be required
    • Bottled water would be much appreciated
    • Staff assistance in the form of classroom teacher or librarian

Please note: Her first name is pronounced “Lay-na.”

Virtual Visits: $100 plus HST, 60 minutes (can be divided), Skype/Google Talk

Please contact us to book Lena:

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[booking Lena Coakley]

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Gillian Chan (Dundas)


Dundas, ON. Writers’ Union Member. Award winning writer noted for historical, fantasy, and contemporary novels

Gillian’s rate is $375 plus HST for one session, $575 for two, $825 for three and $1000 for four, plus travel from Dundas.

Award winning author Gillian Chan writes in many genres. Her most recent books have been for Scholastic Canada’s series Dear Canada and I Am Canada. Gillian is an experienced speaker, having presented to small groups as well as at large events like the Vancouver International Writers’ Festival. A former teacher, she can easily adapt  her presentations for your particular needs.

Gillian is very comfortable making school visits and is an enthusiastic and lively speaker, welcoming questions and also providing the opportunity for audience participation.


Here are some topics on which  she makes presentations:

- How does an idea turn into a story -discussion about both writing and publishing

- Creating believable characters – this works very well in workshop format with smaller groups

- Writing and researching historical fiction

Gillian’s novels The Carved Box and I am Canada: A Call to Arms both focus on pioneer life and Gillian brings costumes and replica artifacts for presentations

Three of Gillian’s books deal with war and its effects: I am Canada: A Call to Arms (the War of 1812), A Foreign Field and I am Canada: Defend or Die (both set in WWII). She is very adept at talking about how war affects young people and these talks are particularly poignant near Rembrance Day.

Dear Canada: An Ocean Apart deals with the history of Chinese Canadians in the early part of the 20th Century and in her presentation Gillian bring to life the many obstacles facing immigrants in the face of prejudice, both personal and institutional.

What exactly does a writer do all day? This deals with writing techniques such as drafting, editing and research.

Group sizes for presentations:

Maximum 100

Writing Workshops work best with no more than 15 participants

Workshop topics: creating believable characters; world building; editing; poetic forms.

All Venues, library preferred.

Equipment required: A glass of water. A table to spread her things out on. A microphone for larger groups or  if the presentation is in a gym, auditorium, or if the room acoustics are questionable. A screen and projector for powerpoint.


Please email us to book Gillian Chan:

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[booking Gillian Chan]

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David Carroll (Toronto)

DavidCarrollwp1Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Award-winning author, ultra-marathoner and motivational speaker. Fiction.

$250 for a 1-hour session, $450 for 2, $600 for 3 and $800 for 4 (no HST). No travel charge within the GTA.

David offers lively, often hilarious, interactive presentations for students in grades 3-8. With his larger-than-life personality, wild sense of humour and genuine passion for reading and writing, David motivates students to aim high and dream big. He often talks about how he transformed himself from a non-athlete into an ultra-runner, and from a couch potato into an acclaimed sports novelist.

Both of David’s novels feature kids taking on seemingly insurmountable physical tasks – and succeeding. His presentations usually hit on the following themes: self-esteem, perseverance, physical fitness and mindfulness.
David tailors his presentations to the needs of each particular group, so no two presentations are ever alike. That said, here’s a rough sketch of what David’s presentations can look like. Note: all of these feature time for Q&A.

Grades 3 – 8: Re-Imagine Your Possible
One in seven Canadians lives with a disability. One of those people is David’s best friend.
Years ago, that friend got some terrible news. After visiting his eye doctor, he was told that he had a rare eye condition that would soon leave him legally blind. At the time, David’s friend loved playing soccer, riding his bike, and jamming in a garage band. As his vision deteriorated, he had to give those hobbies up.
That event was the inspiration for David’s second novel, ‘Sight Unseen.’ In this presentation, David talks about the many sacrifices that ‘other-abled’ people are forced to make – but how, with some assistance, that needn’t slow them down.

Grade 3 - 6: Impossible Doesn’t Exist
How is it possible to run 100 miles without stopping? What inspired the events in the novel Ultra?
In this highly interactive presentation, David draws on his racing experience to reveal some of the wilder aspects of long-distance running: i.e. meeting bears and wolves on the trail, running at night, hallucinating, and “hitting the wall.” He also discusses practical matters like nutrition and good health, and the all-important matter of training your mind. Finally, he discusses the word impossible – and how there really isn’t any such thing.

Grades 3 – 8: Write What You Know
Both of David’s novels, Ultra and Sight Unseen, feature kids who are placed under enormous pressure. The main character in Ultra is running from grief. The protagonist in Sight Unseen is coping with a visual impairment and bullying.
Learn about the actual people (and events) that inspired these stories. Find out how they were transformed into fiction.

Grade 3 – 6: WORKSHOP: "Ultra Fit"
Includes fitness, adventure style running, and games along with a great shot of encouragement and inspiration. Maximum: 30 students

Grade 7 – 8 WORKSHOP: “Writing Through the Wall”
Writing is re-writing. To prove it, David shares some of his original manuscripts, rewrites, rejection letters, radio game show scripts, and explains how each of his novels began and evolved. Maximum: 30 students

NOTE: If the weather’s good, and if time allows, David loves to go running with the students after his presentations (i.e. during recess or after school). Ask about this at the time of booking.

Presentation Specifics:
Maximum group sizes: 200 for regular sessions, 30 for workshops
All venues, library preferred.
Equipment required: data projector (or SmartBoard) and screen. A small table or cart on wheels.

Please email us to book David Carroll:

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[booking David Carroll]

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James Bow (KW)

jamesbowp1Kitchener author. Writers' Union member. MG&YA, SF&Fantasy, plus non-fiction science books for kids. Recently published Icarus Down with Scholastic Canada. Grades 4 to 12. $300 for one session, $550 for two, $800 for three and $1000 for four plus HST (plus standard travel fees outside Waterloo Region)

James Bow is a freelance writer and the author of four fantasy and science fiction books for young adults. His latest book, "Icarus Down" will be released in September 2016 by Scholastic Canada. He lives in Kitchener with fellow author Erin Bow and their two children. His non-fiction writing includes over 30 science books for children, and a weekly column with the local community newspaper.


  • A Writer's Path – this presentation will discuss how to become a writer, the importance of persistence, and failure as a path to success. Props include a set of manuscripts to show how often a book is written and re-written before it is published.
  • World Building – a presentation on how to build the world your story takes place in and the importance of detail. Amazing facts about astronomy, the solar system and exoplanets (with pictures) will be discussed. Digital projector required.

Venues: Classrooms, libraries and gymnasiums. No more than 90 students per session. Workshops are also available on these topics, where students will be given writing exercises and encouraged to share their efforts with their classmates. No more than 25 students per workshop.


Email us to book James Bow:

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[booking James Bow]

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Hélène Boudreau (Markham)

HeleneBoudreauWP1Markham. Writers’ Union Member. Parents’ Choice Award. Fiction. Non-Fiction. Humour. Picture Book. Middle Grade. Tween. K to 8.

Hélène’s rate is $250 for one 45-60 min session, $450 for 2, $650 for 3, $850 for 4 (max 4 per day), plus travel by car. HST extra.

Hélène is a seasoned presenter and award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction for children and young adults. With a focus on humour, her books are popular and accessible to readers. Hélène’s presentations reflect this with her upbeat tone, fun content, and energetic performance. She is bilingual and available for presentations in English or English/French (ideal for French Immersion schools).

PRESENTATION DETAILS: available in English or English/French (bilingual)
Hélène is a member of The Writers' Union of Canada, and so schools wishing to invite her may be eligible for a travel and fee subsidy to off-set the cost of her visit.

GRADES k-3: her 45 min presentation consists of:
-a dynamic reading of I Dare You Not to Yawn and a yawning challenge
-fun facts about the science of yawning
-an insider’s view about how books are published and what it's like to work with an illustrator
-an exploration of how certain words, actions, and things can make you feel sleepy
-an interactive ‘I Spy’ game showing the before and after of the book’s illustrations

GRADES 4-8: her 60 min presentation consists of:
-details about her tween novels in the Real Mermaids series
-the business of writing, seeing a project from concept to publication
-the team approach to writing including critique partners, agents, editors, and designers
-Power Writing Techniques, including story structure, adding tension and conflict, and writing with all five senses, drawing from concrete examples from her Real Mermaids books

Grades she will present to: Grades K to 8
Maximum number of students per session: 60-80 (flexible)
Venues she is comfortable in: classroom, library, auditorium, gymnasium
Equipment requirements: LCD projector/screen/ lapel microphone for larger groups


To book Hélène Boudreau please email us:


Your Name (required)

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[booking Hélène Boudreau]

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Rebecca Bender (Burlington)

rebeccabenderwp1Author-Illustrator. Burlington, ON. Writers' Union Member. Blue Spruce winner. K to 5.

$350 plus HST for 1 session, two for $600, three for $800 and four for $1000, + travel for destinations further than 50 km.

Rebecca has been working as an illustrator, designer, and art director in children’s publishing for the past 10 years. She brings her expertise of book and story creation to her talks in hopes to inspire children to create their own picture books. She is the author/illustrator of the popular Giraffe and Bird books. Her newest title is a primary concept book called How Do You Feel? (November 2016).

Rebecca’s goal is to inspire children to imagine their own characters, write their own stories and craft their own books to share with others. Through drawing and discussion, children will take part in creating illustrations that may be a springboard for story writing. She shares her journey of becoming an author-illustrator and her process for coming up with ideas. Rebecca requires an easel, chart paper, and a chair and prefers a maximum of 65 students per presentation.

Rebecca is happy to visit high schools and colleges as well, to speak about the creative process in both writing and illustrating.

Rebecca also offers an art lesson/workshop that explores how to tell a story with pictures. In this workshop she focuses on using expressions, body language, and other visual clues to build strong characters. For this presentation format, tables and basic art supplies are necessary for the children.

To book Rebecca, please email us:

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[booking Rebecca Bender]

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Celia Godkin (Ottawa-Kingston)

Frankville ON. Writers' Union Member. Author/illustrator of information story books on natural science, grades K-6.

Fees: $250 plus HST per reading, plus expenses ($0.42/km for travel if driving).

Celia has enjoyed a number of complementary and overlapping careers that combine her love of art and nature. She’s worked as a biologist, a natural science illustrator, and a teacher of studio arts courses. However, the work that gives her the greatest sense of fulfillment and for which she’s best known is as the author and illustrator of award-winning children’s nature books.


Presentations involve reading one of the books listed below, accompanied by projected images of the illustrations. This is followed by a question and answer period and then – depending on the school’s interests and requirements - Celia usually talks about how a book is put together, including the research, writing and illustration process. As an alternative for younger grades (K-2) she tells the story of Flying Lessons with puppets.

Skydiver: Saving the Fastest Bird in the World. The inspiring story of how the peregrine falcon was saved from the brink of disaster.

Hurricane! The impact of severe storms on wildlife and how natural habitats help to protect human communities.

Fire! The Regeneration of a Forest. Forest ecology and the impact of fires on forest plants and animals.

When the Giant Stirred: Legend of a Volcanic Island. Polynesians read the signs of an imminent volcanic eruption and respond appropriately. How life returns to the island after it is destroyed.

Sea Otter Inlet. The kelp forest ecosystem and why sea otters are an essential part of it.

Ladybug Garden. Harmful and beneficial insects and why pesticides may not be the best way to get rid of garden pests.

Wolf Island. A story in which wolves are the good guys. Food chains, food webs and population dynamics.

EQUIPMENT: Setup for power point presentation; laptop, projector and screen.

ROOM: A quiet area such as a library or classroom, where there are minimal distractions. Children attend best if seated comfortably on chairs or carpet. The room should be one that can be darkened sufficiently for good viewing of images.

AUDIENCE: 30 – 60 children, grades K – 6, recommended but negotiable.


Email us to book Celia Godkin:

Your Name (required)

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[booking Celia Godkin]

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