Natasha Deen (AB)

In Canada, Natasha’s family found refuge from the political and racial violence of Guyana, South America. Her experiences as a child of two nations are the foundation for her dynamic presentations, which help students find the story and power that lives inside them. She routinely speaks to an entire school during the course of a half day, and travel costs are included in her fee. $500 + GST for half day, $700 + GST for a full day. Writers' Union Member.

“You captured the attention of over 500 students in grades 4-8 from the moment you said your first sentence. You did not simply give a talk, but a gift, to our children.” ~ Kari-Ann Ellery, Teacher-Librarian

Natasha Deen’s books have been described as “gripping” (School Library Connection), “engaging” (CM Magazine) and “feel good” (VOYA).  Students enjoy her sessions because she makes them laugh and help them see it’s okay to be different. Teachers appreciate the presentations because they connect with curriculum and showcase writing skills in easy to implement ways.


"Don't split your infinitives, careful of dangling participles, i before e -- except after c, know the difference between its and it's." Writing is difficult work, and often, by the time students are done learning the mechanics and rules, they've forgotten the best part of writing: it delivers STORY and stories change the world!

Natasha's dynamic sessions celebrate the funny, sometimes sad, moments of being a kid and being part of an immigrant family. She uses her experiences to connect with students on the universal moments of growing up: feeling different, wanting friends, being bullied, and hilarious moments when the grown-ups act more like kids.

During her visit, she also talks about why Canada is the most amazing country to live in (her family moved to Canada from Guyana to escape the country’s political and racial violence), falling in love with the book she assured her mother she would hate, and her hilarious (and often, disastrous!) attempts to make friends in school. Through the presentation, she weaves in literacy tips as well as themes of inclusion, diversity, resiliency, and embracing individualism.

Students will come away with two important lessons:

  1. Writing is a way to deliver the part that's most fun: STORY
  2. In life, just as in writing, it's not about where you start, but where you end.

Natasha has specific presentations for FDK, Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-9, Grades 10-12, as well as presentations for mixed-age audiences (i.e. K-8). She is also happy to customize her presentations/workshops per your students' needs.


Equipment Needs:

A speaker, projector, and microphone for presentations or large rooms/audiences

Whiteboard/smartboard, projector for writing workshops

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Diane Carmel Léger (New Brunswick)

D.C. Léger-1Writers’ Union member. Award-winning Acadian author, who does her own translations. Former French Immersion Teacher. Primary, middle grade and intermediate presenter. Three 60 min. presentations a day: $325 for 1, $575 for 2, $775 for 3. For K-1, two 30 min. presentations count for 1.  Plus travel expenses.

Diane is eager to share her latest picture books, My Two Grandmothers and Mémére Soleil, Nannie-Lune, which are playful and loving comparisons of her Acadian and Scottish grandmothers.
A polished presenter in both languages, Diane has toured schools and libraries in Canada and the U.S, since 1991. All of her presentations prove that it is easier to write about what you know.

1-K-1 30 min. / 30 students max.

My Two Grandmothers or Mémére Soleil, Nannie Lune
-Reading with projected illustrations

2- Gr. 2-4   60 min. / 60 students max.
a) Maxine’s Tree, Who’s in Maxine’s Tree? or L’arbre de Maxine, Qui est dans l’arbre de Maxine ?
-Reading of one of the books with projected illustrations
-Slide show of the real Maxine’s Tree* depicting her family’s efforts to save a rainforest
-Comical excerpts from My Two Grandmothers

b) Emily Carr’s Attic or Le grenier d’Emily Carr
-Reading with projected illustrations
-Brief slide show of Emily Carr’s menagerie, attic art, and paintings
-Author’s experiences living in Emily Carr’s house
-Comical excerpts from My Two Grandmothers or Mémére Soleil, Nannie Lune
3- Grades 5-6   60 min. / 60 students max.

Piau’s Potato Present or La patate cadeau ou la vraie histoire de la poutine râpée
Since studying Acadian History at the Université de Moncton, Diane’s passion has been to make this little known part of our history more accessible. She succeeded in doing so with La butte à Pétard, which has  been continuously published and studied in Canadian and Cajun schools for over 25 years. Recently, this novel has been optioned for a film.

-Brief reading
-Dynamic interactive version of Acadian History, with slides of historical sites such as Port-Royal, Louisbourg, Fort Beauséjour, Île-à-Piau and the butte à Pétard hideout.

4- Gr. 7-8 60 min. / 60 students or 100 if in an auditorium

La trilogie de la butte à Pétard  à  La patate cadeau
-An adapted version of the Gr. 5-6 presentation
Requirements: Projector or smart board, table for books and props, lapel microphone

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