James Leck (NS)

james_leck_0Nova Scotia-based. Writers' Union Member. Young adult author, James Leck has plans to visit the GTA during the current school year. Ask him about specific dates.

One session is $225, two for $400, three for $550 and 4 for $700. Plus HST and local travel.

A former high school teacher, James Leck has given dozens of presentations to students in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Kuwait, and Hong Kong. He was a touring author for the 2012 Hackmatack Award (in New Brunswick) and the 2014 TD Canadian Children’s Book Week (in Saskatchewan). James enjoys speaking to students in grades 4-12.

James will present to grades 4 to 12 and is happy to present to large groups of 100+. His workshops work best with 30 students or fewer.

He gives a 1-hour slide presentation:
“The Mystery of Creative Writing?” Best for grades 4 - 8.
“The Adventures of James Leck” Best for grades 9 - 12

All presentations include short readings, Q&A, and plenty of personal anecdotes.

He is comfortable presenting in: classroom, library, auditorium.

Equipment and other requirements:

Projector or SmartBoard for Power Point presentations.

He requests that a librarian, teacher or other school representative be present throughout the presentation.

He will also conduct a 90 minute writing workshop for groups which focuses on creating fictional characters and kickstarting your mystery.

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