TDSB presenters

The presenters on this page are all cleared participants in the

Amdox Company Ltd/TDSB partnership.

Don AkerDon Aker. Nova Scotia-based, Writers’ Union Member. White Pine Award-winning YA author. $575 + HST + $110 travel for half a day (2 sessions); $1100 + HST + $200 travel for full day (4 sessions).



Rona Arato. Toronto. Writers Union Member. Historical fiction, non-fiction and biography. Multiple award winner and accomplished speaker. $250 per one-hour session, $450 for two sessions, $700 for three sessions and $900 for a full day. No travel charge within the GTA.


Catherine Austin. National Capital Region. Writers’ Union Member. YA, MG and Picture Book author. Multiple awards. All ages. $250 for one session, $450 for two, $600 for three, plus HST (plus travel if outside of Ottawa/Gatineau).


karenbassKaren Bass. Hamilton. Writers’ Union Member. Teen fiction, WWII, German perspective, YA, Geoffrey Bilson, CLA YA, multiple award-winner.Karen’s rate is $300 for one session, $500 for two, $700 for three, and $800 for four.


helainebeckerwp1Helaine Becker. Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. National Bestseller. 2+time Silver Birch winner. Multi awards. K-8. Helaine’s rate is $375 plus HST for one session, $650 for two, $850 for three and $1000 for four, plus travel from Toronto.


RBender_AuthorPictureRebecca Bender. Burlington. Author-Illustrator. Burlington, ON. Writers’ Union Member. Blue Spruce winner. K to 5. $350 plus HST for 1 session, two for $600, three for $800 and four for $1000, + travel for destinations further than 50 km.


kateblairwp1Kate Blair. Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Debut novel Transferral gathering rave reviews. $200 for 1 session, $375 for 2, $500 for 3, $600 for 4 sessions. No travel costs for Toronto.



Hélène Boudreau. Markham. Writers’ Union Member. Parents’ Choice Award. Fiction. Non-Fiction. Humour. Picture Book. Middle Grade. Tween. K to 8. $250 for one, $450 for 2, $650 for 3, $850 for 4 (max 4 per day), plus travel by car. HST extra.


lindseyL.E. Carmichael. N.S. Writers’ Union Member.  Award-winning author of 21 science books for young people. Fees: $250 for a one-hour presentation, $400 for two hours, plus travel expenses. Contact me for full-day pricing. Fees include supplies for experiments. Skype visits also available.

ABSArleneChanArlene Chan. Toronto. $250 for one session, $400 for two, and $550 for three. No travel charges within the Greater Toronto Area. Arlene has written seven books about Chinese festivals and the Chinese in Canada.


Marty Chan (Alberta). Writers Union Member. Writes books for kids and plays for adults. Keynote speaker, television screenwriter, radio dramatist, and raconteur. $400 + HST for 1, $600 for 2, + $825 for 3, or $1,000 for as many sessions you can fit into a regular school day. Travel costs included in fee during tour times.


Aubrey Davis.  Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Fiction picture book storyteller multi-awards all ages. $375 for one session, $600 for two, $850 for 3 and $1,000 for four plus HST plus travel from Toronto.


Natasha Deen. Alberta. Writers' Union Member. All ages. Routinely speaks to an entire school during the course of a half day, and travel costs are included in her fee. $500 + GST for half day, $700 + GST for a full day.


Anne Dublin

Anne Dublin. Toronto ON. Writers’ Union Member. Historical novels and biographies, multi awards and nominations. Ages 8 and up. $250 for one session, $400 for two. No travel charges within Toronto.


L.M. FalconeLMFalconewp1. Toronto.  Writers’ Union Member. Former children’s television writer, author of MG spooky fiction and detective mysteries. Silver Birch winner. Multiple awards. Ages 7 – 12. 1 session $300, 2 sessions $500 3 sessions $700, plus travel.


Caroline Fernandez

Caroline Fernandez. Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Silver Birch NF Honour Book 2016. All ages. $225 for one session plus HST, $400 for two, $600 for three and $750 for four, + travel. Can be split between two schools.


MelanieFlorencewp1Melanie Florence. Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Novels, non-fiction & picture books.  Winner of Second Story Press Aboriginal Writing Contest. $300, two is $550, three is $800 and four is $1000, plus travel from Toronto. (No costs for travel within the GTA.)


Alma Fullerton. Midland. Writer's Union Member. Author/illustrator, picture books + novels, presents to all ages. $300 plus HST for one session, $500 for two, $750 for three and $950 for four, plus travel from Midland.


Celia Godkin. Frankville ON. Writers’ Union Member. Author/illustrator of information story books on natural science, grades K-6. $250 plus HST per reading, plus travel.



Bernice Hune. Toronto.  Storytellers of Canada.  金山 Gold Mountain Stories. Traditional Asian folklore & Canada’s immigrant history (FDK - 12). Per session, 80-100 students. Three Sessions $650 + travel from Toronto.


Marthe Jocelyn. Stratford. Writers' Union Member. Sneaky artist! TD Award​ & Vicky Metcalf Award winner. All ages. $400 for 1 hr, speaking or art instruction, or $700 for 2 + HST + travel.  For art workshops there is also a flat fee for materials of $20. per group per session.



Deborah Kerbel. Thornhill. Writers’ Union Member. GG finalist. MG, YA Fiction. $325 for one presentation, $575 for two, $850 for three, $1000 for four, + travel (no travel costs within GTA). Full day fee can be split between two neighbouring schools.


krossingKaren Krossing. Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. YA and middle grade fiction. White Pine. Crystal Kite Winner. Writing workshops. Grade 4 and up. Karen’s rate is $225 plus HST per session, plus travel.



Andrew Larsen Toronto ON. Writers’ Union Member. Picture book author, award winning, inspiring. $275 for a one session or $500 for an entire morning (multiple sessions). No travel for Toronto.


James Leckjames_leck_0. Nova Scotia-based. Writers’ Union Member. Young adult author, James Leck has plans to visit the GTA during the current school year. Ask him about specific dates. One session is $225, two for $400, three for $550 and 4 for $700. Plus HST and local travel.


Irene Luxbacher photo

Irene Luxbacher. Toronto. Author/Illustrator, fiction and NF.  Governor General nominee, USBBY winner and Disney Adventure Awards winner.  Multi awards and nominations. $300 plus HST for 1 session.$500 for 2, $650 for 3 and $800 for 4 + travel. Fees include art supplies.


Sharon McKay

Sharon McKay. PEI. Writers’ Union Member. Fact-based fiction. Multi-awards, all ages. $1000 for a full day, 4 sessions. Flat fee of $700 for an afternoon.



Danielle 4 Digit CounterJun 14, 2015 11Danielle S. McLaughlin. Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Specialist in critical thinking for social justice workshops for grade 2 and up. Danielle’s rate is $250 for one session, $400 for two. No travel charges will be incurred within Toronto.


petermcmahon_headshotPeter McMahon. Toronto. Writers' Union Member. Non-Fiction. K to 12. Mobile Planitarium Shows: $500 for one for up to 30 students, $650 for 2, $750 for 3, $885 for unlimited number (20-45 min sess). + HST.



Sylvia McNicoll. Burlington. Writers’ Union Member. Silver Birch Winner, Creative Writing Instructor  Grade 2-Adult. Her rate is $250 for solo sessions or $225 for multiple presentations.


Mireille Messier. Toronto. Writers'Union Member. French author. Picture books & middle grade. Great for immersion students! K to 6. $300 for one 45-60 min session, $550 for 2, $750 for 3, $900 for 4, plus travel by car. HST extra.


mathabMahtab Narsimhan. Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Silver Birch winning author available for school, library and conference visits. Mahtab’s rate is $250 plus HST for one session, $475 for two, $700 for three and $925 for four sessions, plus travel.


Shane Peacock. Cobourg, ON. Writers' Union Member. Fiction, GG nominee, 3 x TD Children’s Literature Award nominee. All ages.  $400 for one presentation, $550 for two, $750 for three, and $950 for four.



David Poulsen is one of Canada’s most sought-after author-presenters in schools. Because he has written picture books, middle reader and YA novels, David is comfortable and willing to present to virtually every grade.   $325 plus GST for 1 session, $600 for 2, $850 for 3 and $1000 for 4, + travel.

Robertpriest 7Robert Priest. Toronto. Writers’ Union Member. Poetry, song and Y/A fiction. People’s Poetry Award. SOCAN airplay award. Multi-awards All ages. $300 for one session, $550 for 2, $800 for 3 and $1000 for 4 +travel.


garyrasberrywp5Gary Rasberry. Kingston. Musician. Artist. Educator.  Workshops: $250 for 1, $450 for 2, $650 for 3, $850 for four.  Concert rates: Same as above for divisional. Full school: $550. Combo day: three workshops plus full school performance: $1000 + travel.


Marsha Skrypuch. Brantford ON, Writers Union Member. fiction & NF, 2X Silver Birch winner. Multi awards. All ages. $400 plus HST for 1 session, $600 for 2, $850 for 3 and $1000 for 4, + travel.


billslavinwp1Bill Slavin. Millbrook, ON, fiction and non-fiction, Award-winning author/illustrator including the Blue Spruce and Silver Birch Awards, Grades 2-6 . $300 + HST per 1 hour session, and $250 + HST for additional sessions + travel.


tedstauntonwp7.jpgTed Staunton. Port Hope, ON.  Writers’ Union Member. Fiction & NF & musician, multi-award nominee & winner. All ages. $350 for 1 session, $575 for 2, $800 for 3 and $1,000 for 4. Family Literacy events are $575. Fees for multi-visit workshops vary by project.


BillSwanBill Swan. Whitby. Writers’ Union Member. Red Maple non-fiction winner. Grades 4 to adult. True crime. His rate is $250 for one session, $450 for two, and $600 for three, plus HST + travel.


J. Torres. Whitby ON, award-winning comic book and graphic novel writer. Middle grades. J.’s rate is $350 for one session, $650 for two, $950 for three, plus travel outside of GTA.


janetJanet Wilson. Eden Mills ON. Writers’ Union Member. Social justice author and illustrator $300 + HST for 1 60 minute session, $500 for 2, $700 for 3, and $900 for 4, + mileage. Schools can arrange to split the day with a nearby school for additional savings.

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