The Young Girl Who was inspired to Write a Book!

A parent wrote to us:
My daughter had a presentation by Sigmund Brouwer at her school - she came home with his message of "she can do anything, never stop using your imagination".  With that, she wanted to write a book. She told me the story, I wrote it for her and then she copied it.  We attached her pages to construction paper and used ribbon to tie it together.  She didn't want to draw pictures as she wanted people to "use their imagination".  She read her story to her class this morning.  She was a bit shy, but her excitement got her through it.  His visit was approximately 1 week ago - she created her own story, wrote it out, read it to her class and can't wait to write more stories off of her original one!  Thank you for helping to inspire my kindergarten girl!!

Ayla holding 'Faerie Land'. She wrote it in her lined writing book and we took the pages out an glued them on construction paper, binding it with ribbon. We made a craft project of writing and "publishing" her book!


Here's what Sigmund had to say:

Hearing about Ayla’s new book and seeing the smile as she held it up is what all of us authors LOVE about going to schools! Much as I’d like to take credit for this, I’m always aware that every day teachers and librarians are teaching students like Ayla how to use the alphabet to put stories on paper, so thanks to all of you at schools how are doing this, and thanks for letting me be a part of the literacy journey at your schools. P.S.: I’m back in the area from March 20-24, and May 1-5! (he's subsidy eligible for the May dates).

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